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Make the Switch to Hosted VoIP with Superior Office Systems as your Guide

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As President of Superior Office Systems, this is the most exciting and useful technology that I have personally used in business. I remember back when SOS used conventional phone technology, and think how this new Hosted VoIP technology has transformed our business communication. I look forward to helping your business communications, and believe you will also love this technology. Check out some of my favorite features below.

Todd Jones

My Favorite Features:

Your cellphone can become a turbocharged cordless office phone. Example: You answer a  call on your desk-phone, but then discover that you need to get up and go to another part of your business to  check something. It’s easy to move the call from your desk phone to your cell phone while talking. The person your talking to won’t even know that the transfer happened. You are now free to go anywhere and still continue the conversation.

If somebody calls your office phone number, you can answer anywhere in the World. Answer with your cell phone, desk phone, tablet or computer. Your choice. Working outside of the Office? No Problem. You can still stay in touch.

Use your cell-phone to make business calls while keeping your personal cell number private. The caller ID will display your office number.

Answer a business call on your cell-phone and then transfer the call to a coworker or their voicemail.

Possibly the best feature of this technology is the price. Commonly priced Lower than conventional phone systems. It’s hard to believe, Greatly increase technology while lowering your Expenses.

Use your desk phones anywhere there is an internet connection. Example 1: A remote worker can have a Desk phone set up in their home office. Example 2: You move your entire office to a new location and immediately have a fully functional phone system with no installation headaches.

Your business can still have phone service, even if there is a outage causing the internet and electricity to be down. Cell phones utilizing the phone app will still function as they have their own power and internet source.